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Can “advocacy” in the political world be a spiritual practice? For some of us, the work of advocacy is our response to God’s call to discipleship. The Peace & Justice Community works with ecumenical and interfaith groups who advocate for peace and justice on Capitol Hill. We will share our information with Alliance members through the ClearVoice network and other resources. Join us in working for those whose voices are not heard in our political discourse; or to help the Alliance lift its voice for peace & justice; or to work ecumenically for justice in our land and in our time. Contact Carol Blythe.

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A Call to Solidarity in the Aftermath of Michael Brown’s Killing

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    Kristy Pullen

    A Call to Solidarity in the Aftermath of Michael Brown’s Killing has been issued by the Racial Justice & Multiculturalism Community and uploaded to AllianceConnect.

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    Mark Reeve

    Thanks Kristy, for calling this to our attention. I’ve sent the following out to the Oakhurst Baptist Church listserve:

    Hello friends,
    Yesterday, our Alliance of Baptists Racial Justice & Multiculturalism Community issued a Statements entitled “A Call to Solidarity in the Aftermath of Michael Brown’s Killing”. I urge you to read it — its only one page long. I’m in England right now, and I am acutely aware that events in Ferguson, Missouri, are attracting international attention – and exposing a shocking contrast to American ideals of justice and equal treatment under the law. Here is a link to the statement: . Click on the button that says “Free download” below the DOCX icon.
    I don’t think you have to log on to Alliance Connect to view the statement, but I also do encourage you to sign up. It’s free & easy to do so. Once you’ve signed into Alliance Connect, you can also sign into the Communities section (a separate but equally easy step) and join the on-line Communities discussing topics of interest to you (racial justice, peace & justice, LGBTQ, Palestine & Israel, etc). Even if you are already a face-to-face member of one or more of these Alliance Communities, you need to explicitly join the on-line group to be notified of new posts and to post items & responses yourself. Unlike profit-driven social media, no one is going to mine your data to sell you soap or anything else, and you can set preferences as to how often (daily, weekly, etc.) you want to get notifications of new posts. Alliance Connect is a relatively new service of the Alliance of Baptists. A team of staff and volunteers is striving to make Alliance Connect work for us, and we can do our part by simply checking it out & using it.
    So… sign up today, and join the discussion about the tragedy of Michael Brown’s death, and other issues of critical importance to us all.
    - Mark Reeve

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